Church Mouse EP

by Church Mouse

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Your life's a fucking breeze.


released April 21, 2017

Church Mouse on this release is:

Zach Huneycutt: lead vocals, moral support
Nick Long: lead guitar, bass on "Bastard", "Some People", and most of "Cagney Way", comic relief
Beau Manning: drums and percussion, general nagging
Dylan Williams: acoustic and rhythm guitars, backing vocals, bass on "Sportsball", the end of "Cagney Way", and "A Lion's Life", extra muscle

Written, recorded and mixed by Church Mouse
Mastered by Cole Berber
Cover art by Jherin Miller



all rights reserved


Church Mouse Lompoc, California

Zach, Nick, Beau, Sam, Dylan

Crybabies from California's Central Coast

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Track Name: The Bastard that I've Been
I'm the king of fools
a mechanic among tools
no way to break the news to you
about the shape I'm in

I'm still trying to relax
but when panic attacks
my heart's still racing,
gotta kill the thoughts
that have been happening

No, I didn't write the rules
of the game that we all lose
it's not fair to you to make you see


Can't seem to get through,
to make you see me pine for you
but that's ok
I'll waste my days
and sleep my life away
Track Name: A Rousing Game of Sportsball
I'm unaware
and I'm complacent,
waking up had once felt painless

Nowadays I can hardly stand to face it
it's getting harder to escape my blankets

I'll eat their shit because I know that I can fake it
I'll batter up because I know we all can make it

I'll try to knock it out, try to knock it out
I still have faith that I can make it

(But try as you might, still nothing feels right
you feel barely alive as you trudge through the night
and you can't hardly rest
but you can try your best I guess)

It feels like I am sleeping even when I'm wide awake
they say "that's the cost of living, kid. You give and rarely take"

This full time job has really brought me low
I used to love to see the winters,
now it seems I never even see the snow,
and now I never see the snow

I still have faith
Track Name: Winning Streak
Well, there's a devil and a god
and I am told that they're at odds
but it looks pretty clear to me the devil's winning

Well there are liars and murderers as far as you can see
so take a knee and do your best to keep your nose clean

Well, I'm not saying I'm much better
but I can take some shitty weather
without lying and stealing from everyone I meet
just to grant myself another fucking luxury

Well, there's a heaven and a hell
and you know I can't see well
but even I can clearly tell the devil's winning
and I can tell just by the way the devil's grinning
he's got god locked out in the running

There's an abundance of shitty people as it is
as it happens they are raising hordes of shitty little kids
I just hope that they're prepared for all the mediocrity
I guess it bothers me

That there's a devil and a god and I am told that they're at odds
but it looks sure as shit to me
that god has stopped competing
Track Name: Some People Have it Easy, Some People Don't
I've never been starved to the bone,
and I've never been without a home,
I've only worked a couple honest days in my whole life
I haven't watched my family die,
or even seen my father cry,
and I've never been without a television

So if you think I cry too much,
then you are probably right
some people's lives are endless war,
but mine is like a pillow fight

So I guess I can sleep tight
through these lukewarm suburban nights,
knowing of my privilege,
knowing of my rights,
knowing that I will be just fine

I'm thankful I can walk,
I'm thankful I can breathe,
some people cannot breathe without the aid of a machine
and I know guilt's not the best way to bring about a change,
but I want you to consider just how good you've got it made

So show some gratitude
for your eyes and your brain,
and your pretty fucking face,
compared to some
your life's a fucking breeze
Track Name: Cagney Way
I remember those days when our world seemed so small
and getting caught up in daydreams that it wasn't all

When sometimes you felt you were going insane
from compressing your life into this crowded space,
I always knew that you'd leave home in time
from how you rambled around all these streets every night

So you cut your ties
and packed your bags
as I begged, "please don't go
I'll be alone,
this won't be home,
please don't go"

You headed east on the interstate, past Colorado,
you took to the Midwest like the cold and the snow,
you drove through the heartland with a purpose in your eye:
to leave all your friends and your family behind

Then you washed your hands of everything,
you let go to better ease your soul
you'll never know
how much you owe
please come home

I hope all your fantasies come true
and you are never led astray
and I'm sorry for the daily grind,
for wasting time, for people in the way
I hope every road you go down's
safe and sound and guides you to your goal,
and I'm sorry for distracting you
and acting like it shouldn't take its toll
if we grow old

But does it even matter to you what I'd say?
If I pray every night that you come home to stay?
Well, I've got no illusions I'll see you again,
you are destined to wander the road until the end

You're still my friend,
and I hope you never repay what you owe
you'll never know
you'll never know
please come home
how much you owe
how much you owe

(You took this for granted, the patience and beauty
of sharing a small town with people who truly
can cope with the idea that you are unwanted
or trapped and confined in a home that feels haunted)
Track Name: A Lion's Life
It's hard to hate what you understand,
and hard to understand what you hate
it's hard to live a lion's life
when you're a kitten underneath
sometimes I wanna go on a killing spree
or cuddle with a knife
but that's just too dramatic
and it will not help me sleep at night

So, hey there friends and hey there family,
I hope I grow up
and I can one day make you proud of me

Life really isn't so complex,
you just eat, sleep, and repeat
it really doesn't get as grim
as I can make myself believe

If I treat my life like an anchor
then I am doomed to sink
I have the power to be happy
just as long as I can think

So I'll say, "hey there friends and hey there family,
I hope I grow up
and I can one day make you proud of me"

And I know it's strange enough to always be alone,
but I don't want to spend my days always growing up

Because life is rather beautiful,
you can love, hate, hope and dream
it really doesn't get as grim
as I can make myself believe

If I treat my life like a buoy
then I can surely float,
and then I can look back,
and then I can begin to gloat

And I'll say,

"Hey there friends and hey there family,
I grew up, with any luck
I know that you're all proud of me"